Sierra Wireless - XR60 industrial 4G 5G global router with GNSS, WiFi 6, Edge computing

XR60, an industrial 4G 5G router with edge computing capabilities

The ultra-compact and rugged AirLink® XR60 delivers 5G or  LTE CAT20, an as an option Wi-Fi 6 performance,  to any environment, from space-constrained industrial settings to vehicles on the go.
With advanced networking capabilities, private network support and edge computing capabilities, the XR60 future proofs your connectivity and accelerates your digital transformation.
To be connected to equipement or to the network the XR60  is available with 2 Ethernet ports ( 1Gb and 5 Gb) or with 1 Ethernet port plus a serial RS232/RS485 port. An I/O port is also available.

Key features

  • 4x4 5G + LTE Cat-20 4G with dual Sim
  • 2x2 Wi-Fi 6 (optional) 
  • Dual-Band GNSS 
  • Dual Ethernet (5 Gbps + 1 Gbps)
    or Single Ethernet/ Single Serial 
  • IP64 
  • MIL-STD-810H Rated
  • Low power consumption (55mW in standby mode, idle power 3.3 W, ..)
  • Powered by AirLink® OS
  • Comes with 1 year free subscription for AirLink® Complete (remote management, 24H 7/7 support and warranty)
  • 5 years of AirLink Complete ( for more information on the warranty terms please contact our sales department)
  • Take the most out of GNSS with option advanced mobility reporting (fleet management, monitoring deployments, ...) 
  • Option industrial VPN management ACM (Airlink COnnection Manager)

A Fully Integrated solution for a cybersecure 4G 5G router

The AirLink XR60 is fully integrated with AirLink Complete — a comprehensive service package that includes remote device and security management, expert technical support and extended hardware warranty

For what purpose can you use the XR60 industrial router ?

High-performance and reliable connectivity in fixed and mobile mission-critical applications:
  • Critical Infrastructure  
  • Video Surveillance  
  • Smart Cities  
  • Manufacturing  
  • Utility Bucket Trucks 
  • Public Safety Vehicles

Which benefits will you get from using the ultra-compact and rugged Sierra Semtech XR60 5G router ?

  • Designed for high performance with 5G, Wi-Fi 6, 5Gbps Ethernet and USB-C technologies
  • Ultra-compact design making it ideal for space-constrained industrial settings and vehicle applications  
  • Designed and thoroughly tested to thrive in the harshest conditions: shock and vibration resilience (MIL-STD-810H grade), extreme temperature and humidity operating range
  • Intrinsic safety (C1D2) and power resilience  
  • Advanced networking capabilities with flexible software-defined routing functions  
  • Multi-band support for extensive public and private networking coverage  
  • Edge intelligence with industry-standard container support


Routeur durci compact XR60 certfie ATEX.pdf

Alimentazione: 12 V CC
Certificato: EN 50155, E-Mark, ATEX
Operating temperature: Temperatura estrema, da -40°C a 70°C
Opzione senza fili: Wifi
Protezione IP: IP64
WiFi 4, 5 ou 6: WiFi 6 (IEE 802.11 ax)


AirLink® Management Service (ALMS)

Gestione delle risorse remote con il sistema di gestione Airlink di Sierra WirelessÈ necessario gestire le configurazioni di più dispositivi, aggiornare...

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